Cat. No. 3504

   3,7cm PaK 34(t) - infantry version

(3,7cm KPV vzor 34/P)

In thirties was Czechoslovak army facing the problem of the effective fight against new and very dangerous duelant - the tanks. The military authorities asked the company SKODA, major gun producer in the country to develop new design, anti tank gun. Team of SKODA was experienced, so the new weapon came in few months. It was gun of the calibre 37 milimeters, semiautomatic with firing velocity of 23 rounds per minute. Czechoslovak army got some 160 pieces, the same gun with only minor changes was used as the main weapon of the light tanks CKD LT vzor 34 and SKODA LT vzor 35 (Pz.Kpfw. 35(t)). After occupation in 1939 more than 100 were used by the Slovak army, rest in service with Wehrmacht. Minimally one was captured by US troops in 1944 on German territory.