Cat. No. 7209

   75mm field gun Schneider model 1897  "french seventy-five"

with ammo cart

This is really the history maker amongst the guns. First design to be produced with the sliding barrel, which enhanced all the performances of the artillery. Well known as "french 75" was used by the many armies during first and also second World War. Between the wars had these guns also Polish and Czechoslovak army, it was used by Czech troops in West during the war. Our kit depicts the most used "Mark 1897" variant, used also at the early stages of the war. German Wehrmacht used large numbers of these guns, captured all over the Europe, on Eastern front. Various armies had Schneider guns in service for unbelieveable long 44 years.

We added ammo cart to our kit Cat. No. 7205 to help all diorama builders. This kit depicts the World War I/World War II version with wooden spoked wheels.